Our mystical hair magicians believe in giving folks the chops of their dreams.  There’s no fringe you shouldn’t get; no shade of fairy winkle or blush blonde you can’t have; no curls that just won’t fall right.  Headchop will give you the wash-and-wear, don’t-care hair you’ve always wanted—the sort that looks its best in its most natural state—so no matter how many pillows or pals you rolled around on or with last night, you’ll still look every time.



In 2011, South Carolina native Martha Ellen Mabry took her scissors, her pup Rudy, and her knack for dry cutting hair to a basement in Williamsburg, Brooklyn… and thus was born the one-chair wonder that would become Headchop!  Today, we’ve got like, way more chairs, and a bomb team that can tame any hair type.