Headchop surfaced in 2011 as a one-chair wonder in a shared basement space located on Berry Street in Williamsburg. The small, unique space was designed to give clients that homey feeling.  Vintage wallpaper covered with a hodgepodge of photos and artwork. Surfaces sprinkled with hair products and knickknacks. Slowly but surely, the following Martha Ellen had cultivated over the three years she’d been styling in New York, trickled in.

Headchop is a destination dry cutting studio for all hair types; however, Martha Ellen has a knack for curls. In five years of business, Headchop has slowly expanded into its location, and is now solely a hair salon. The salon operates under the direction of Martha Ellen, who oversees three extremely talented stylists and two incredible salon assistants and continues to churn out nothing but the best.

Owner & Stylist, Martha Ellen

Martha Ellen dreamed of becoming a stylist from a young age, and started working toward her vision in South Carolina, where she received her license in cosmetology during high school. When she graduated in 2007, she moved to New York with the intention of pursuing her dream. Martha Ellen enrolled in a six-month program dedicated to learning the freelance side of hair styling and make-up artistry at Make-up Designery in Soho.

Freelancing, she worked with Sleepless City Productions providing hair and make-up on set for music videos and specialized in wedding styling on the side. Craving the ability to provide her cutting and coloring abilities in a salon setting, Martha Ellen began working full time with Devachan Salon in 2008. Training with Devachan, she quickly found her knack for curly hair as well as the dry cut technique. Martha Ellen swiftly worked her way up into a stylist position and grew her clientele, as well as her passion for teaching people about caring for their natural hair.

Two years later, her desire to expand her knowledge in hair led her to take a job with another salon specializing in dry cutting, but for all hair types. Martha Ellen became a stylist, focusing on curly hair, for THE aRT OF HAIR, INC. located in Cornwall New York and run by Schwarzkopf Professional educator, Michelle Iorio. While working for Michelle, she grew tremendously as a stylist, honing her skills in unique coloring techniques and textured cutting. In 2010 Martha Ellen decided to bring her craft back to the city, and started working out of a salon in Park Slope with stylist Biagio Strongi. She and Biagio bonded in just six months, and she grew to love his clients as her own. So when, after 30 years in the business, Biagio retired to Italy, he entrusted his lovely clients to Martha Ellen. With the inheritance of Biagio’s clients and a strong New York following of her own, Martha Ellen opened Headchop, turning her long-time aspirations into a creative and unique reality.