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The humans you’ll find here are exceptionally talented, understanding, and intuitive creatures who are here to guide you into your next state of being wether that be a completely new you or just a polishing of your already poppin’ top. Gaze through and find your new do guru.



Martha Ellen, yes both, is the creator of the brand you have come to know as Headchop. Coexisting with her passion of building a studio that connects humans to hair curators, her work spans the spectrum of texture and tone. Her strengths are mastering the bold changes and unexpected shades. Specialties in her arsenal include, but are not limited to, natural curl pruning, uber texturized hair sculpting, bangs, hair painting, transitions from permanent color to natural silver grow out, and bold pop colors.

On location Martha Ellen provides styling for weddings, headshots, video work, and shoot production. Inquiries accepted by emailing

Studio availability_______ Tuesday / Wednesday / Friday / Saturday

Her exterior interests include holding hands with her pup Rudy, interior design, costume / fashion styling, planning extravagant parties, ceramics, dabbles on the keyboard, and operating on an elevated level of communication outside of the social norm.



Alyxandria, or even easier Alyx, hails from Rochester, NY but found her passion after moving to San Diego and absorbing everything Sassoon threw at her. She expanded her craft for eight years in Los Angles where she moved fresh out of hair school. Now, located back in New York, she has found her home at Headchop! Favs and specialties in the shop include men’s work (Short hair fading / barbering), curly and precision bobs, a good old fashion shags. Alyx could do your balayage highlighting in her sleep. Natural or icy.. she nails the spectrum.

Studio availability_______ Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday / Saturday

Out of the studio Alyx loves spending time with her pig-dog Pearl and her boyfriend Brian. You could find her at a hot yoga class or like any true introvert, reading any book she can get her hands on. OH! And of course obsessing over the details of every movie she watches.



Long Island born and raised, Stephanie was licensed to do hair at a young age, head starting her career working in New York City salons. Her love for creativity drew her to the hair industry and continues to shape her work. She is known for her beachy waves and loves effortless boho, natural texture. She’s master of the elegantly disheveled look.

Stephanie is always searching for creative growth, and educating herself in all aspects of beauty and fashion. She’s driven by the ability to inspire her clients, making them excited about their chosen look.

Booking models for training_______ Tuesdays & Thursdays
Select model coloring services are 40% off
Inquires about being a haircut model can be submitted by email at



A Brooklyn native, Jessica, was trained at some of the top salons in NYC. It was Devachan Salon where she met Martha Ellen Mabry and their 10+ year journey and friendship began. Although she’s hung up her scissors, for now, she continues to invest in the industry as a leader. She has a talent for connecting clients to their ideal stylists ensuring they bring all their hair dreams to life. Staying on top of trends, absorbing, and testing out all things beauty related is her passion. If you need some hairspiration she’s your gal!

All artists are trained in the art of natural curl and texture